Post martyrdom

This was game was done solo by me. I did the C++/Blueprint programming of game mechanics and such, game design, shader things, the sparkly style whatever thing I did by accident, level design and something else I don't remember. I've never done anything Blueprint prior to this, and once I started it, I think it is pretty cool! I only started seriously learning UE4 two weeks ago, so I think I did A LOT of things wrong. But that's just it goes in the beginning! I mainly do things in Unity, so I think my Unity knowledge connected the dots and carried me through.

 One thing if you play, that the all levels are mirrored from left and right. I liked the idea of some symmetry, so I did that. I think it is kind of cool, and it makes it easier for me to design levels because I'm not really good at it. Number of Solhs required  to be collected is also the level number.  There's also a bug when you hold a Sohl or box completely up, it bugs out. Also if you stand on the box and try to grab it, it goes crazy.

I don't really know how to make a menu, so I didn't bother making one. The only UI I have  is the crosshair. I don't know how to make scene transitions, so if you watch, and notice it kind of transitions from level to level, I actually have boxes surrounding the player, and they scale down from one to zero after 1 second. It is more noticeable in level 3 when you are faked out with a portal and then fall down.

This was made during the 2019 UE4 summer jam and finished and packaged during the time given at 8:50pm PST.  But due to my greediness (explained below) and the upload speeds during that crunch time, it was uploaded 3 minutes too late and was not submitted.  Watching that progress bar during the last 10 minutes was the longest 10 minutes of my life. Many emotions, such sadness. Even though the upload speed were really slow at that moment, I should've known better and is 100% my fault for overlooking it. 

Now the greediness part. It is kind of sad because I already had a version of my game uploaded already 3 hours early, but it didn't have sounds for jumping on the platforms,  standing on the jump pad, and the ambiance space looping sound thing that I really wanted.  When I finally updated my game with the sounds, I thought I had to delete my recent upload to put the new version of my game in. Yeah, don't ask. I figured 10 minutes was enough to upload my game. Obviously, it wasn't. 

One day, I will probably try to recreate those moments into a game one day. Just thinking about it makes me chuckle if I was watching myself.  Of course, I will not be updating this game. I will only add onto it if people like it for some reason and fund me enough to buy myself Costco hot dog, combo slice and a churro.  I want to keep it how it is when I finished it during the given time of the jam. If I add more gameplay, I'll feel like I cheated. So far the only thing I updated was build size. That doesn't affect gameplay in anyway, so I don't mind it. I hope going down to 95mb will help people wanting to try it more. When it was 360mb, I can definitely see a reason for people not  wanting to download it.

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