Controls :

  • movement - W,A,S,D (up, left, down right)
  • rewind invincibility - left mouse button / left ctrl (when you acquired the star)

Dodge the laser beam shooting enemies and last forever!

Hello, this is my first 2D game. I used a mouse to draw things in GIMP. I don't draw much. So this seemed cool.  You move around with the WASD keys and when you collect the star, you are invulnerable to attacks for a little bit and you rewind a couple of seconds back in position. And while you are rewinding, the cat is dancing! It is similar to Tracer from Overwatch if you're wondering, but mine is k00l3r!! 

This was made during the I Can't Draw Game Jam. This is actually my first successfully finished on time game jam game thing. W00t. I started 4 days before the jam ended, so I didn't allot the full time given. I spent most of my time learning how to draw and animate, which was a pain. Oh well, hope you like it!

This contains no sounds. I might want to add sounds later.

note : I forgot to draw a tail on the cat.

Made withUnity

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