Controls : keyboard / mouse

  • W,A,S,D or arrow keys to navigate through menu.
  • Left Mouse Button / Left Ctrl brings up item and hold down button to hold item.
  • Flick mouse and let go holding the button to flick item.
  • Click on the game screen to lock the mouse and hit ESC  if you need the mouse.

Toss your things in the laundry! Click, hold, drag the mouse, release, and watch  your sala-er, I mean, belongings get tossed. Fairly jittery/buggy,  which is perfect! Tip - a quick click and flick is best for tossing the items.  Tossing is similar to Pokemon Go without the curve throws.

This was done during my girlfriend and I's first game jam, Extra Credits Game Jam #3.  The theme was cycles and washing machine was all I could think of. So we went with that. We started late past the 50 hour mark out of the allotted 100 hours of Jam. Because of this, we finished it a little late and couldn't submit it. But I guess that's what happens when you start late. For the most part, we are glad it turned out how it did. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My girlfriend is also a beginner 3D modeler/designer, so I figured we'd give this a whirl to toughen up her skills! And also toughen up my bad Unity Skillz.

Because this was a game I intended to be worked on only during the game jam, this won't really be updated unless there's a game breaking bug or if I can fix the jittering when holding items. I might also uploaded the assets on my GITHUB if you're interested in poking at it.


Oh yeah, there's no sounds. I ran out of time, and I ain't got time fo' dat.

Music, Sounds, UI, narration, game programming made by me. This was originally a standalone build, so the exit button doesn't work in WebGL.


A house near the golden gate needs to wash their billion dollar clothes but they need your help! Do so by throwing their clothes into their 2 billion dollar washing machine in the 500 billion dollar house!

You might get dizzy when playing.

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