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You go up the stairs and see this gun. You want to pick this gun up because it looks so amazing. You see how amazing the sky is and reminisce of all the great pizzas you've eaten. And then you pick up magic gun and suddenly the world feels different. You look up and you notice the asteroids are falling and coming towards you. You must run! Run, ye young lad!

This is a mobile VR prototype that was entered in the 2016 Global VR Challenge. I teamed up with my friend who did the 3D modeling and textures, and I worked on the game design, game logic, AI of the meteors falling,  audio and audio system, gun mechanics and optimized it to run on an S4 with a bluetooth controller. This was done in 2016 using Unity 5 in C# and completed in 2 weeks. Actual game file is lost somewhere in a blackhole.

This won't be worked anymore on unless given a bajillion dollars.

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