Controls : WASD or arrow keys to move the world and navigate through the menu. ESC to pause in game. This is also gamepad compatible.

Welcome to the demo world of Jurk! He's always sleeping and what you need to do is get him to the green block. When you are at the end of the stage, there will be a tough, sparkly, manly pink box that you must crash into! But in order for you to move him, you must move the world around him. He sometimes doesn't go where you want him to go and gets his limbs stuck in the level. He's such a Jurk. Because he is always sleeping, he has no sense of depth, so things may not be visually what they seem! It is what some may say...depth deception.

This game is intended for mobile, so some things may be weird.

Hello, fellow jurks! Thanks for playing my demo. At the moment, I have about 50 levels and am aiming for maybe 70 or 80.  Most of the game is complete besides things like art assets, icons, music, sounds, visual traps, different 3D models for levels and a battle royale mode (jk) . Okay, maybe not most of the game is complete, but I'd say about 65%. I'm aiming for a solid 80%. The music on here isn't intended to be in the final build. I had some obvious copyright placeholder music and needed something else. I really like these songs, so if you want to know who did them, I put their links below. 

I've been working on this game for WAY TOO LONG. I started this in mid 2016 and now just casually been working on it. I gave it about a good 6 months at the start, and then got really stuck at the level design. I then kind of left it to create Very Very Plane instead. Then later, things happened  in life - blah blah - I go back to this game, make some levels, get stuck, try to learn Korean, squish some bugs, eat some pizza, and do other things. The circle of life and all. 

Because this is intended for mobile, you move the level by tilting the device around, and when you tilt to a certain point, it is actually hard to see the device. So I have to compensate for that visual problem. And so I get stuck thinking about that when creating levels. There's not a lot of depth deceiving levels in this demo, but it is a theme I try to exploit  in the full game.

Anyways, I am just putting a demo up, so hopefully if someone plays it and kind of likes it or really hates it, it might push me more to finish it. I'm expecting people will hate it. So let me know if hate it! :D



main menu :


stage complete:

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