For the finish something game jam : Because of things this month, I will not be able to finish it for reasons explained in my log. But really thanks for playing it if you did!

Controls : WASD or arrow keys to move the world and navigate through the menu. ESC to pause in game. For mobile, if you want to pause, tap the timer and it will bring up the pause menu. This is gamepad compatible - not for mobile, yet.

This game is intended for mobile, so some things may be weird for the WebGL version. The mobile version of this demo is available for Android below.  Incase if the WebGL version doesn't work either, I also put the windows standalone build below.

Welcome to the demo world of Jurk! He's always sleeping and what you need to do is get him to the green block. When you are at the end of the stage, there will be a tough, sparkly, manly pink box that you must crash into! But in order for you to move him, you must move the world around him. He sometimes doesn't go where you want him to go and gets his limbs stuck in the level. He's such a Jurk. Because he is always sleeping, he has no sense of depth, so things may not be visually what they seem! It is what some may say...depth deception.

I am just putting a demo up, so hopefully if someone plays it and kind of likes it or really hates it, it might push me more to finish it. I'm expecting people will hate it. So let me know if you hate it! :D


The preview .gif is not in the demo. 


main menu :


stage complete:


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IDK couldn't get it to run in Chrome or Firefox. I'm finding Unity to be pretty disappointing across the board. This looked promising though!

Oh shoot, really? I'll have to look into that then. I haven't had any issues with it that I know of so far. I just put up a windows standalone demo. There's also a  android build as well if you can play that. And thanks! Hope it works out.


This is a weird yet strangely fun game, can't wait to see the full version someday! Kudos!


Thanks, I can't wait also! :D